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Title: 3/18/2012 7:46:00 PM
Some say the cleanliness of a restaurant can be judged by their restrooms, well, these are in real need of upgrading and cleaning.The air vents are black in the main dinning area, a turn off for sure.Mostly booths inside, a few tables, in case you care.I ordered my normal Kung Po chicken, it had no bite at all. I expect st the least, a tad spice. Keep that in mind if you like a little or more spice. Flavor was decent, fried rice accompanied the meals.The Generals Taos was good from 2 different people, and the mongolian chicken was good.Also white only chicken was allowed to be ordered.Prices were right, which is a nice change on the beach.

Title: 2018/6/21 3:27:11
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Title: 2018/1/13 15:46:43
The best food we have had on vacation. Soup was so fresh. Main course was hot and fresh so nice to have rice and London. We will definitely be back.

Title: 2017/11/27 16:58:06

Title: China Dragon Restaurant2008-04-10T00:00:00
This is my favorite place to order take out from. The restraunt itself is a little dingy, but the food is very good. They have a wide variety of food that is very well priced and they also have very speedy delivery. ...?

Title: China Dragon2006-04-08T00:00:00
I'm always looking for some good Chinese food, no matter where I am. So while I was in Orange Beach, I thought I would give this place a shot. It's located conveniently close to the beach and many hotels, so it's easy to get to. ...?

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